Kundalini Meditation


Kundalini Meditation is the appropriate medicine for the human condition. In this class we will learn how to quiet our minds.


Meditation allows us the insight to honestly understand who we are and what we want out of life. We cannot find such honesty with ourselves when our minds are racing uncontrollably. There’s too much static and distracting thoughts and emotions that cloud our perceptions. 

Meditation or self-reflection breaks down our destructive patterns of thought and behavior. By breaking down old patterns, healthy patterns emerge and thus begins the healing process, both physical and emotional.

Meditation, literally, rewires our brains, allowing us to be more thoughtful and creative; to have greater concentration and focus. Meditation, prayer, or contemplation is ultimately a journey we take with ourselves.

Extended meditation sessions available on selected Saturdays. Please contact Paul Levy for schedule. 


Class Fee

$10 per class
$40 per month, unlimited sessions


For more information and to reserve your spot, please contact instructor Paul Levy at (708) 369-6933 or by email omitonade7@yahoo.com

Teaching Stories

This is an excerpt from "Friendship with God - An Uncommon Dialogue" by Neale Donald Walsch.

The dialogue is between Walsch & God. The excerpt is God's response.

The point is, you have not been damaged by others in your life who did what you wish they had not done, or who didn't do what you wish they had.

I tell you this– again: I have sent you nothing but angels. These people all brought you gifts, wonderful gifts, designed to help you remember Who You Really Are. And you have done the same for others. And when you all get through this grand adventure, you will see that clearly and you will thank each other.

I tell you, the day will come when you will review your life and be thankful for every minute of it. Every hurt, every sorrow, every joy every celebration, every moment of your life will be a treasure to you, for you will see the utter perfection of the design. You will stand back from the weaving and see the tapestry, and you will keep at the beauty of it.

So love each other. Every other. All others. Even those you have called your persecutors. Even those you have cursed as enemies.

Love each other, and love yourself. For God's sake, love yourself, I mean that literally. Love your Self, for God's sake.