Music Selection

All music with the exception of Between Night and Never is by Dr. Paul Levy. All piano is performed by Dr. Levy as well.


Dream Waltz

White Note Sonata
Tracks 01 - 04: A piano sonata in 3 movements in e minor


Short Piano Pieces
Tracks 05 - 17


Song of the Blind Harper
Paul Levy, composition & piano; Laura Goode, voice. 

These lyrics are adopted from an ancient Egyptian poem (translated from hieroglyphics ) that is famous. It was allegedly written by a blind harpist. It advises everyone to enjoy life because in the end we all will die.

It's the Sea
Paul Levy, composition & piano; Karena Mendoza, voice; Frederick De'Arechaga, lyrics.

Between Night & Never
Lee Barry, composition, voice & guitar; Paul Levy, lyrics & piano; Anthon, guitar; Nina Levy, maracas. 

Spell of Isis
Paul Levy, composition & piano; Karena Mendoza, voice.

Taken from translations of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics about an important religious myth. The goddess Isis says words of love to her murdered husband Osirus. The myth is that she gathers his body parts which are spread all over Egypt, rebuilds his body, and says magic words that bring Osirus back to life. She makes love with him, becomes pregnant, and gives birth to the god Horus. It is actually based on the cycle of seasons and related to the agricultural cycle.

Dance at Ulmash
Paul Levy, composition & piano.

Originally written as part of a religious mystery play around the disappearance of an important city named Agade in the Fertile Crescent. No one knows where it is. Hierodules danced to this music performed with harp, oboe and flute for the show.

Dance of the Seven Veils
This piece is the first veil. Later lyrics were put to the melody and was called Superstition for a show we wrote called Dracula.