Bridgeport Pain Control Approach

Dr. Paul Levy

Dr. Paul Levy

Our techniques employ direct pressure on certain muscle groups, soft tissues, and pressure points. The direct application of pressure directs the mind to the point of pressure. It is a relaxing and completely pain-free experience.

Therapy Benefits:

1. It produces a state of mind close to that of meditation in that the mind is focused on the sensation to the exclusion of all else.

2. The central nervous system then directs attention to the point of pressure.

3. The nervous system then resets, causing the muscle tissues to elongate, allowing greater flow of blood and bio-energy.

4. This physiological and mental response facilitates healing and produces a calmed, sometimes euphoric, sensation.

Most patients leave the treatment feeling refreshed and focused, with the mental and physical pain either strongly curtailed, or gone completely. When combined with mind training, nutritional adjustment, and exercise, the therapy is highly effective.